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Interesting review of Hudson Valley Foie Gras Farm

I just read the article below with keen interest.

Though I was certainly already aware of Hudson Valley’s humane practices, including that all of their products are certified “cage free”, I was interested to hear all the details of a totally neutral party’s experience. Hudson Valley Foie Gras welcomes people to visit the farm […]

Black River Caviar is Impressive

I learned about the company Black River Caviar on Twitter. I don’t even remember what the post said, but I decided to check out the company. I have been very impressed with Black River Caviar beginning with the first conversation, but after trying a sample of their product, and reading about their production […]

Seared Scallops with Braised Leeks and Summer Truffles

This recipe is one of my favorites. I have made this recipe as an appetizer and as a main dish, countless times. I decided to add summer truffles to the preparation, and so as not to overpower the truffles, I reduced the amount of ginger and fresh lime juice that I usually use. This recipe […]

How EnjoyFoieGras.com Began

It’s been almost five years since we launched EnjoyFoieGras.com. When I first pondered the idea of creating an on-line business, I was told by Vic Johnson, an internet marketing expert, to pick a subject matter about which I was passionate. One that would keep my interest, even if it took a very long time to […]