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Saucisson Sec-The Ultimate Dry Sausage

Saussican Sec-The Ultimate Dry Sausage Far richer, far more mellow and aromatic than any other type of hard salami that you will find, Saucisson sec brings a wonderful flavor and a wonderful texture. While some saucisson sec is remarkably firm-some say even hard, the flavor is creamy and delicious. Thinly sliced, nearly wafer-like in its […]

The Virtues of Pate: How to Serve and Enjoy Pate

What could be easier to serve than pate? Pate is available in so many varieties and can be enjoyed in so many ways.

Let’s start with the basics. For an elegant and tasty appetizer, serve any type of pate with a sliced fresh baguette, sliced toasted baguette, or crackers. Let your guests serve themselves, or […]

Enjoying traditional French sausages: Boudin Blanc, Boudin Noir, Andouillete, Saucisse de Morteau and Saucisse de Toulouse

Boudin blanc, boudin noir, andouillete, saucisse de Morteau and saucisse de Toulouse are all traditional French sausages, yet each sausage has totally different ingredients, and it’s own unique flavor. This article describes each type of sausage and it’s ingredients, and provides some serving suggestions. One thing that all of the French sausages have in common […]