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Make Ahead Thanksgiving Recipes: Haricots Verts, Brussels Sprouts

With so many last minute things to do for Thanksgiving dinner, people are always searching for make ahead Thanksgiving recipes. Many of the luxury foods we prepare are best cooked very close to serving time. There are two vegetable side dishes which can be prepared ahead of time, Harticots Verts and Brussels Sprouts. Personally, I […]

Foie Gras Recipes: Foie Gras Stuffing

This foie gras stuffing is not cooked in the bird and has an untraditional combination of ingredients. It’s really pretty easy to prepare, but it is probably best prepared shortly before serving. We’ve still included this recipe in our “make ahead Thanksgiving recipes” category, because it can be fully prepared ahead of time and reheated […]

Truffle Recipes: White Truffle Scalloped Potatoes

I’m always searching for the best recipes to experience the amazing qualities of white truffles. The heavenly fragrance and intense earthy flavor of white truffle mushrooms seems to shine best when the base is rather mild and creamy. This recipe for White Truffle Scalloped Potatoes is one of my favorites. It’s easy to prepare, but […]

Foie Gras Recipes: Tangerine Seared Foie Gras on Brioche with Rum Reduction

This excellent foie gras recipe was submitted to our recipe contest by Jamie Brown-Miller of Napa, California. Jamie told us she makes this recipe every year and I can see why. The combination of ingredients is unusual, the preparation is easy, the presentation is striking, and most importantly, it’s delicious!

Jamie won a $100 gift […]

White Truffle Recipes: Risotto with Fresh White Truffles, Pancetta, Chanterelles and Sea Scallops

A creamy risotto with freshly shaved white truffles and Parmigiano-Reggiano is certainly one of the classic white truffle recipes. Although nothing else is needed in this rich and satisfying dish, we added little squares of crispy pancetta and sauteed chanterelle mushrooms to the finished risotto just before shaving the truffles over the risotto. Additionally, we […]

White Truffle Recipes: Focaccia with Melted Taleggio and Fresh White Truffles

White truffles are ripe and fragrant, and I’ve spent a glorious weekend trying various white truffle recipes. Although white truffles pair well with a variety of foods, their unique flavor is best experienced when the white truffle is the star of the show. Mild bases such as pasta, potatoes, risotto and eggs, often combined with […]