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Foie Gras Recipes: Foie Gras Hollandaise

It took two tries to get the recipe for foie gras hollandaise to come out correctly, but man oh man, the results are fabulous! This luxurious sauce could be paired with almost anything: fish, duck, squab, lamb, vegetables, potatoes and who knows what else. After my first failure where the sauce separated, I finally figured […]

Caviar Recipes: Poached Oysters with Leeks, Cream, and Black River Caviar

I adore eating caviar straight from the tin with nothing added. No egg, no onions, no blini… just plain caviar. At the same time, I’m always looking for caviar recipes that highlight the caviar, and ideally actually add to and improve the experience of eating caviar.

I have finally found such a recipe. The basis […]

Caviar: The History of Sturgeon Fish Caviar

Caviar is often associated with holiday festivities. Here’s a little history about the origins and current production of sturgeon fish caviar.

Long associated with the indulgent lifestyle led by European monarchy and other members of Europe’s ruling classes, caviar boasts a particularly strong historic connection with the incalculably wealthy members of the Russian Imperial Court. […]