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How EnjoyFoieGras.com Began

It’s been almost five years since we launched EnjoyFoieGras.com.  When I first pondered the idea of creating an on-line business, I was told by Vic Johnson, an internet marketing expert, to pick a subject matter about which I was passionate.  One that would keep my interest, even if it took a very long time to get results.  He said to pick a subject or industry about which I was knowledgeable and could provide value to others.  Also, he suggested finding a niche market, because it would be easier to gain a presence in a smaller, more focused market.

The subject that immediately came to my mind was French food, and specifically foie gras.  I had married a French man, Jean-Claude, in 1998, and one of our shared passions has always been food.  Jean-Claude is responsible for introducing me to foie gras and many wonderful recipes that originate from France.

Filet Mignon & Foie Gras

Over the last five years, we have expanded EnjoyFoieGras.com to include truffles, truffle products and caviar.  It’s been really fun developing the site, making friends in the food blogging community, and working with our wonderful, loyal customer base.  We are so very fortunate to have met so many interesting and genuinely nice people.

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