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Caviar Recipes: Caviar, Crab and Avocado Tower

This caviar recipe is very easy to prepare and makes a beautiful presentation. The lightly seasoned fresh crab and avocado pairs wonderfully with high quality osetra caviar such as Black River Caviar. The simplicity of the recipe allows the caviar to take center stage. Use as much caviar as your wallet allows!

Caviar Recipes: How to Use Pressed Caviar

Pressed caviar is a paste usually made of various grades and types of caviar. The product, which is made from the caviar eggs that break during the packing of traditional caviar, generally comes in a caviar tin. This unique type of caviar was once popular in France and the US, but has all but disappeared […]

Caviar Recipes: Black River Caviar with Herbed Custard

There are only a few caviar recipes I’ve found which actually add to the taste of the caviar, and this is one of them. This mild egg yolk and whipped cream custard with fresh herbs is a perfect complement to high quality caviar such as Black River Caviar. We tried this custard with both […]

Caviar Recipes: Poached Oysters with Leeks, Cream, and Black River Caviar

I adore eating caviar straight from the tin with nothing added. No egg, no onions, no blini… just plain caviar. At the same time, I’m always looking for caviar recipes that highlight the caviar, and ideally actually add to and improve the experience of eating caviar.

I have finally found such a recipe. The basis […]

Caviar Recipes: Black River Caviar with Scallop Tartar

Recently, when speaking with a client about Black River Caviar, our client said “Black River Caviar is as good as the Beluga Caviar you can’t even get anymore”. That’s a pretty nice endorsement! If you’ve been reading this blog, you know we love Black River Caviar, and we are always finding new ways to enjoy […]

Caviar Recipes: Black River Caviar with Ankimo

Caviar is one of those few foods which is often best enjoyed without any other ingredients or additions. A good quality sturgeon caviar, osetra (sometimes spelled ossetra), beluga, or sevruga, need not be accompanied by anything. Eaten by the spoonful, caviar can be truly appreciated in all its glory.

There are however, occasions that call […]

Caviar Recipes: Creme Vichyssoise with Black River Caviar

This classic French soup served chilled is wonderful with a large dollop of Black River Caviar. Though another type of ossetra caviar can be used, Black River Caviar is our favorite because it is so similar to wild caviar, yet it is farmed using innovative and sustainable farming techniques that almost exactly imitate the natural […]

Summer Truffle Frittata

Truffles go particularly well with eggs and other mild flavored foods such as pasta and potatoes, because these unobtrusive ingredients do not overpower the flavor of the truffles. When using black winter (Perigord) truffles, it is best to let the truffles sit in the beaten eggs for several hours, even four or five hours. Omit […]