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Recipe: Beef Tenderloin Tips with White Truffle, Shaved Duck Foie Gras and Celery Root Puree

Celery root puree, a combination of celery root and potatoes pureed and served like mashed potatoes, pairs with so many types of meat and vegetables. I particularly like celery root puree with red meats and poultry. I frequently add truffle oil, either black truffle oil or white. Celery root puree is equally delicious with black […]

Italian white truffles from Alba, Italy shaved on steaming pasta

http://www.enjoyfoiegras.com/products/truffles/mpfrwhtruf2.html This video shows a fresh white truffle from Alba Italy being shaved over a steaming plate of homemade pasta. This truffle recipe is easy and delicious! […]

The best recipe for fresh Alba white truffles

Are white truffles really worth the price? At about $300 per ounce, serving a meal laced with white truffles from Alba, Italy is quite an investment. Today, I prepared homemade pasta with fresh white truffles, and was wowed with the amazing aroma and the distinctive, nutty, earthy flavor of these little gems. I love discovering […]