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Recipe: Seared Foie Gras with Apples

Foie gras and fruit is always a great pairing. The sweetness of fruit balances the rich and creamy foie gras perfectly. This recipe for seared foie gras with apples is very easy to prepare and is delicious. Flash frozen portioned foie gras or slices from a fresh lobe of foie gras can be used with […]

Recipe: Seared Foie Gras with Braised Fennel and Cracked Pepper Caramel Sauce

I’ve probably said this about other foie gras recipes in the past, but this really is my favorite preparation. The recipe is just slightly altered from the original recipe which can be found in Michael Ginor’s epic cookbook “Foie Gras: A Passion”. The original recipe calls for a whole lobe of foie gras to be […]

Two Excellent Fruit-Based Sauces to Accompany Foie Gras

Foie gras is so versatile, it can be paired with almost anything, literally. I love to add a piece of seared foie gras to almost any savory dish consisting of fish, filet mignon, lamb tenderloin, chicken, duck, pheasant or other poultry, or game meats such as venison, elk and boar. Foie gras is wonderful combined […]

Recipe: Pan-Fried Duck Foie Gras with Rice, Honey and Soy Avocado Puree

I would never think to pair rich and creamy foie gras with another rich and creamy food such as avocado, but this recipe is surprisingly delicious, and easy to prepare. The first time I seared foie gras I used this recipe from the cookbook “Tetsuya” by Tetsuya Wakuda, published by Ten Speed Press. I followed […]

Recipe: Duck Foie Gras Sauteed in Verjus

This recipe is quite easy to prepare, especially if you have good quality stock on hand. Flash frozen portioned foie gras would work equally well in this recipe allowing you to skip the cleaning and deveining procedure.

How to choose the right foie gras product: terrine, block, torchon, pate

http://www.enjoyfoiegras.com/products/foie-gras.html Learn the differnces between several prepared foie gras products: foie gras terrine, foie gras torchon style, block of foie gras, pate de foie gras, or whole foie gras in a jar. […]