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Thanksgiving with a Touch of Luxury: Foie Gras, Caviar, and Truffles

Although we enjoy all the traditional dishes on Thanksgiving – turkey, stuffing, gravy, potatoes, yams and green beans – we always like to add a touch of luxury and surprise to the Thanksgiving menu. Here are some of our favorites…

Our all time favorite Thanksgiving side dish is whole foie gras braised in wine and […]

White Truffle Season has Begun!

We have waited until now to start offering white truffles due to the maturity and mediocre quality of the white truffles available in the last few weeks. We are now able to get very good quality truffles and have therefore officially kicked off the white truffle season! As always, the quality (maturity) of the […]

Truffle Season is Here: Burgundy Truffles, White Truffles, Black Truffles!

The most fragrant and flavorful truffles are now beginning to mature for harvest! Ripe Burgundy truffles are available now, to be immediately followed by winter white truffles from Alba, Italy (beginning this week!), and finally, Perigord black truffles will be available towards the end of November, possibly in time for Thanksgiving.

We […]

Pommes Sarladaises with Perigord Black Truffles

Pommes Sarladaise, Sarladais-style potatoes cooked in duck or goose fat with black truffles is one of the most satisfying dishes I have ever had. This style of cooking potatoes in goose or duck fat is done all over the Perigord region in France and can be found on almost every menu in the town of […]

Black Truffle Omelette for Two

This recipe is quite simple, allowing the amazing flavor and fragrance of fresh Perigord black truffles to shine through. Black Truffle Omelette will always be one of my favorite ways to enjoy black truffles.

Black Truffle Omelette


• 6 Eggs

• 1 oz Perigord Black Truffle, […]

Highlights from San Francisco NASFT Fancy Food Show

I’ve been attending the NASFT Fancy Food Show since I was a child. My great Uncle was in the candy business (we called it the candy show back then) and always got my family in for a day of total indulgence!

Now, we attend the Fancy Food Show with a different agenda. Though I […]

Recipe: Spicy Pumpkin Soup with Foie Gras and White Truffle Oil

I was wondering what to do with my beautiful sage green princess pumpkin after both Halloween and Thanksgiving had passed, when I remembered a recipe I saw for Pumpkin Bisque with Foie Gras and White Truffle Oil. Though I modified the recipe here and there, I was thrilled with the result. Since I generally do […]

The best recipe for fresh Alba white truffles

Are white truffles really worth the price? At about $300 per ounce, serving a meal laced with white truffles from Alba, Italy is quite an investment. Today, I prepared homemade pasta with fresh white truffles, and was wowed with the amazing aroma and the distinctive, nutty, earthy flavor of these little gems. I love discovering […]