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Wall Street Journal covers the Black River Caviar story

Earlier this year, the Wall Street Journal published an article about Black River Caviar’s amazing success story.  The article, titled, “Caviar Dreams, In the quest to replicate the richness of wild caviar, one aquaculture farm in Uruguay is perfecting the product”, details how Black River Caviar began.  

The business plan was created decades ago, and in 1992 fertilized Siberian sturgeon roe were imported to Uruguay where the sturgeon farm is currently located.  It takes at least seven years for sturgeon to produce roe that will be harvested and sold as Black River Caviar.  Wild sturgeon roe is known for its depth in flavor and cleanliness, and Black River Caviar set out to produce a caviar product through their innovative aquaculture facility that reproduces the distinct wild roe flavor.

“We call it wild raised,” Black River Caviar CEO Graham Gaspard says. Like cattle that wander the open, but fenced, plains of Montana, these fish lead a replica of real life, following their natural reproductive cycle. “When it’s time to swim upstream to spawn, we increase the water flow in the canals to simulate a return to the river,” Gaspard says.

The Wall Street Journal article describes Black River Caviar’s ossetra caviar as follows: “The buttery globules are firm enough to roll over the palate, each revealing its perfectly round shape, but they dissolve with the slightest pressure into a soft cream with hints of nuts, salt and freshwater.”

Black River Caviar truly produces a remarkable, sustainable osetra caviar.  To read the entire article, go to: WSJ.com.

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Black River Caviar's aquaculture facility in Uruguay

Black River Caviar's aquaculture facility in Uruguay


Black River Caviar

Black River Caviar

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